Yoga Etiquette

The most important thing to remember as you start class is that the practice you are about to do is your own practice. Just as each one of us is unique, so too will be our experience and ability with our practice. So please honour and respect yourself and don't worry if you can't do a posture or need to take a rest. I will give you a modification to suit your current range of movement and if you need to rest please do so. Don't ever feel that you have to do a particular posture; there may be some that you just don't like. So please leave your ego at the door! 


It is advisable not to eat for about two hours before class. If you do eat please eat something light that is easy to digest. Feel free to drink liquids; water is best. 


Mats are provided in all classes. Blocks, straps, blankets and eye pillows are also provided as required. If you have your own mat please feel free to bring it with you. 


Ensure that you keep me informed of any injuries you may have and any medication you are currently taking. When you register for a course you should capture this information on the confidential enrolment card and you may also speak to me at any time in relation to specific injuries or medication.